The Everything Report

The Everything Report contains all your data organized logically into a single report.
You can do a lot to customize the report exactly to your liking. You can select the families you want to display, how to order them, how to number them, what indexes you want, what data tags you want to display, what text to use for the tags, and the exact text you want to use for titles and other text in the report. These are all customized in Behold's Organize Window, and this customization can be saved into a Behold Organize file so you can produce the same report again later.
The Everything Report


1. Everything
All your data is presented logically to you in one long organized report.
You can type directly on the report and select ranges and cut and copy from it and paste to it. See Editing Data.

Vertical Scroll Bar

2. Vertical Scroll Bar
To quickly and easily move up and down through the report, you can use the Vertical Scroll Bar. It works like any normal Windows scrollbar.
Drag the elevator up or down to move quickly.
Click on the scrollbar below the elevator to move down a page. Click on the scrollbar above the elevator to move up a page.
Click on the down arrow at the bottom to move down a line. Click on the up arrow at the top to move up a line. Click and hold on either arrow to scroll continuously.


3. Hyperlinks
All text that is shown in a blue color is a hyperlink that can move the report quickly to another location. When you hover your mouse over a hyperlink, the text will change to a violet color and become underlined and the cursor will change to a pointing hand:
Then when you click on it, you will be taken there.
Hyperlinks can go to various places in the report. To an individual, to a pair of people, to a place, a source or a repository.
If a hyperlink is a web address, it will open the specified web page in your browser.
If a hyperlink is an email address, it will execute a "send to" operation and open your default email program and ready an email with the specified address.


There are a number of keyboard shortcuts for the Everything Report.

There is no Horizontal Scroll Bar

5. There is no Horizontal Scroll Bar
The Everything Report is never wider than the Window it is in. The lines will automatically fold to the width of the window so that you'll always see all your content.