Section 6a - Repository Details

Section 6a - Repository Details
A repository (rhymes with suppository) is the place where you found one or more sources. Behold lists all the sources you obtained from each repository, so you will know what sources you've already investigated.
Usually a source will refer to the repository it was found in, and is often done with a Repository fact. This reference will look like this:

Repository Numbering

1. Repository Numbering
Repository numbers have an "R" prefix and are numbered sequentially.

Repository Title and Ordering

2. Repository Title and Ordering
The first significant information for the repository, usually its name, is used as its title. Repositories are ordered by this title.

Repository ID

3. Repository ID
The Repository ID of the record is shown by default as hidden text, since usually you don't want to see it. It is simply an internal identifier to the repository in the genealogy file.

Repository Information

4. Repository Information
Information about the repository is listed. Every fact starts a new paragraph, with subinformation included and indented.
When the "show all" text option is selected, then hidden text is shown in grey. Otherwise it is not shown.


5. References
References to all the sources that link to the repository are given. They include the title of the source (hyperlinking to it) and the number of the source.