Section 4b - Object Details

Section 4b - Object Details
Objects are usually pictures, sound files, videos, or other physical items that may be associated with the genealogy file.
Most information about objects in genealogy files are included inline. This is how object information will look:
Only a few genealogy programs use objects more than once. They create an object record, and link to that record instead. If there is only one link to a record, then Behold includes it inline where the link is and it is shown like the object information just described.
But if there are two or more links to an object record, or if there are no links to the object record, then this information is added into the Object Details section. This allows the information to be included only once, and will have references back to the links.
The link to the Object Details section look like this:

Object Numbering

1. Object Numbering
Object numbers have an "O" prefix and are numbered sequentially.

Object Title and Order

2. Object Title and Order
The first significant information for the object is used as its title. Objects are ordered by this title.

Object ID

3. Object ID
The Object ID of the object information from the file is shown by default as hidden text, since usually you don't want to see it. It is simply an internal identifier to the object in the genealogy file.

Object Information

4. Object Information
Information about the object is listed.
When the "show all" text option is selected, then hidden text is shown in grey. Otherwise it is not shown.

Subobject Info and Title

5. Subobject Info and Title
Sometimes, references are given to subinformation within the object information. In this case, the "1" refers to the area 1 of the picture of Charles and Margaret Munro, and refers to the rectangle in the picture containing Charles. The O1-1 will be the numbering used by Behold to represent that subintormation.
The details and style of this is very dependent on the information contained in the genealogy file. Behold should be able to display the information and subinformation for any type of object.


6. References
References to each record or event that links to that object are given. They include the name of the person (as a hyperlink to the person), the number of the person, and if it is an event, then also the date and the place of the event.

Unreferenced Objects

7. Unreferenced Objects
Any object information that is not linked to is listed and are labelled as: "-unreferenced-". The label used can be changed on the Organize Report Page.