Section 7 - (custom record) Details

Section 7 - (custom record) Details
Some genealogy programs use top-level custom records that are specific to their program. They may export these to a GEDCOM file that you import to Behold. Any such records are displayed in the Custom Record Details section. Each type of custom record has their own section and records within the section are numbered sequentially.
The above example is from a GEDCOM produced by the program GenoPro which adds additional information in many different types of custom records.
References to a custom record looks like this, with the hyperlink on the record ID if the record does not have a title:
or like this with the hyperlink on the title if the record has a title:

Custom Record Section Title

1. Custom Record Section Title
The title of the section is based on the record type used in the genealogy data. In this case the GEDCOM file had a record type of "_LOC", where the leading underscore is the GEDCOM convention for allowing custom tags.

Custom Record Numbering

2. Custom Record Numbering
Custom Record numbers use their record type as their prefix and are numbered sequentially.

Custom Record Title

3. Custom Record Title
The first significant information for the custom record is used as its title. Custom records are ordered by this title. This particular example does not have any information that usable as the title.

Custom Record ID

4. Custom Record ID
The Custom Record ID of the record is shown by default as hidden text, since usually you don't want to see it. It is simply an internal identifier to the custom record in the GEDCOM genealogy file.

Custom Record Information

5. Custom Record Information
Information about the custom record is listed. Every fact starts a new paragraph, with subinformation included and indented.

Custom Record References

6. Custom Record References
References to each person, event or fact that links to the custom record are given. They include the event/fact, date, place (as a hyperlink to the place), name of the person (as a hyperlink to the person) and the number of the person.