Section 9a - File Information

Section 9a - File Information

File Numbering

1. File Numbering
Note numbers have an "F" prefix and are numbered sequentially. Remember that Behold can open multiple genealogy data files at once, and this section will give the details of each of the files.

File Name

2. File Name
This is the name of the file. The .ged suffix is used for GEDCOM files.
Behold (.bho) files are simply organizational files with no data that point to one or more GEDCOM files. So if you open a Behold Organize file, it will in effect open the GEDCOM files that it uses. Those GEDCOM files opened will be listed in this section.

File Information

3. File Information
This is the information that is contained in the HEAD section of the GEDCOM file.

Extra Information

4. Extra Information
This is extra information that Behold provides about the file.

Concatenate Method

5. Concatenate Method
GEDCOM has a standard for concatenating two lines. It requires that one word between the two lines be split so that the first part of the word is at the end of the line and the last part of the word is at the beginning of the second line. This way, the two lines can be put together without the need to worry about whether or not to include a blank between them.
Unfortunately, many programs do not do this correctly, but put a complete word at the end of the first line and start a new word at the beginning of the second. These programs add a space between the two lines.
Behold knows how many different programs handle concatenate, and then assumes what method is used. This message tells you about the assumption, how to tell if it's wrong, and what to do if it is.
You can change the way Behold to handles the CONC tag independently for each GEDCOM you input by changing its setting on the Organize GEDCOMs page.

Summary of Messages

6. Summary of Messages
Behold does extensive error checking when inputting GEDCOMs. The messages are summarized here. Abbreviated messages are given here. Complete messages are given in the log file. The number in parentheses, e.g. (42) and (5) is the number of occurrences of each message.

Log File Information

7. Log File Information
The path to the log file is given. It is a hyperlink, and if it is clicked, the log file will open for your inspection.