Section 3 - Index of Names

Section 3 - Index of Names

Sorted by Surname

1. Sorted by Surname
People are grouped by surname. Surnames are ordered alphabetically. The surname shown here is in capital letters, but that is only because it is this way in the data. Surnames in mixed case would be shown that way.

Full Name Including Married Names

2. Full Name Including Married Names
The person's full name including their birth surname and all their married surnames for each of their husbands are shown. All but the most recent surname are grouped within square brackets [ ].  This person is in the index once for each surname.
The name is in blue and is a hyperlink that will take you to this person's data in the Everything Report.

Year Born - Year Died

3. Year Born - Year Died
If the person has a birth event and/or a death event, then the year of the events are displayed here. This helps identifiy that you have the correct person when there are two or more with the same name.

ID Numbers

4. ID Numbers
The ID numbers of each person are listed.
The first is the primary reference where all that person's information will be found. The hyperlink for the person's primary reference is on the person's name, so the first reference is not a hyperlink in blue text.
Other references show wherever else that person will be found. A person can occur again due to remarriages or common ancestors. These other IDs are hyperlinked to those locations, and what you'll find there is a cross reference back to that person's primary reference.

Earliest Ancestor

5. Earliest Ancestor
Anyone with no parents in the data file are shown in the index in bold text.  This means that they are one of the earliest ancestors in their family line. Looking for the bolded people in the Index of Names makes it easier to find these ancestors.