Section 4a - Note Details

Section 4a - Note Details
Notes are any descriptive text about anything.
They can either be inline with a NOTE tag and included with the information they pertain to, or they can be a link to a NOTE record. The NOTE record allows the same note to be used multiple times.
The Note Details section only shows NOTE records that are used two or more times, or NOTE records that are unused and thus unreferenced. NOTE records that are only used once are not included in the Note Details section, but are shown inline where they were linked from.
The Note Details section is only shown if there is at least one NOTE record used 2 or more times or at least one unused NOTE record. Not all genealogy software exports its notes as NOTE records, so often this section does not appear.
This is how a note link to a NOTE record is displayed. It displayes the note as a link to the NOTE record along with the note number Behold has assigned to it.
If the NOTE record only occurs once, then the note is shown inline and looks like like a normal note but includes a Note ID that is normally hidden text, like this:

Note Numbering

1. Note Numbering
Note numbers have an "N" prefix and are numbered sequentially. 

Note Title and Order

2. Note Title and Order
The text of the note is used as its title. Notes are ordered by this title.

Note reference information

3. Note reference information
If there is information insubordindate to the note, it is listed as a sub-note under the note.

Note ID

4. Note ID
The Note ID of the record is shown by default as hidden text, since usually you don't want to see it. It is simply an internal identifier to the object in the genealogy file.


5. References
References to each record or event that links to that NOTE record are given. They include the name of the person (as a hyperlink to the person), the number of the person, and if it is an event, then also the date and the place of the event. Notes can also be attached to sources and objects, and if they do, then they will include references back to them.

Unreferenced Notes

6. Unreferenced Notes
Any NOTE records that are not linked to are listed and are labelled as: "-unreferenced-". The label used can be changed on the Organize Report Page.