The Help Menu

The Help Menu

User Guide

1. User Guide
Brings up the first page of this User Guide.

Quick Start

2. Quick Start
Brings up the Quick Start page of this User Guide.

Good Ideas

3. Good Ideas

License and Readme

4. License and Readme
Uses the default text file reader and opens Behold's Licence file or Readme file, depending on which was selected.
The Licence file tells you what Behold is warrantied for.
The Readme file gives you important information about Behold.

Behold Website Links

5. Behold Website Links
Will open your browser and take you to some of the important pages on Behold's website.

Check Online for New Version

6. Check Online for New Version
Goes out to Behold's website and reads a file that says what the most recent version of Behold is. It will then tell you if you have the latest version with the following window:
If you do not have the latest version, a slightly different Window will appear asking you if you want to update to the most recent version of Behold. This is described in detail in How to Upgrade to a New Version.
Since all future versions of Behold are free once you purchase a license, you can use this function to keep your version of Behold up to date.
If you check the "Check Automatically" box, then every time you start Behold and only if you are already connected to the Internet, then it will go to the Behold website and look in a small text file that contains the current Behold version number. If the version is different then a "New version available" menu item will appear to the right of the Help menu as follows:
Clicking on the "New version available" menu item will bring up the Web Update window to get the new version.

About Behold

7. About Behold
This brings up the Behold information window. If you've purchased a licence, it will look like this: