The Organize Menu

The Organize Menu

Open Organize Pages

1. Open Organize Pages
These five commands will all open the Organize window and bring up the page with that specific name.


2. Reload
Reloads the file as it was as you first loaded it, unless you had saved it as a Behold Organize file in which case it will take reload that Behold Organize file.
This command only gets activated once you've changed some some Organize window items and applied them. Prior to doing the reorganize, Behold will bring up the following window to see if you want to save your current settings before you revert back to the former ones.

Instant Organize

3. Instant Organize
Instant Organize will rebuild the report about a selected person or couple. The report will run with Related Through Marriage turned off and Everyone Else also turned off.
The idea is that this will become a report that is specifically about a person or couple and all of his/her/their relatives and only his/her/their relatives. Then you will be able to send the report to them, and ask them to update the information which will be made up of only those people common to both your family trees.
The report will order the individuals within families starting with the selected person, and going up one generation at a time. This keeps the person's closest relatives at the beginning of the report for them - and those are the people they will have the most information about and be able to help you the most with.
If you do not want the within families individuals ordered this way, it is a simple one click step to press the Down From Ancestors toobar item and switch the order back:
If a couple was selected, then it will then follow with the second person and continue in the same manner.
You can also do this function by right-clicking from the Everything Report and you will find "Instant Organize: (person/couple)" on the menu that pops up.

Add Family of

4. Add Family of
Adds the family under the cursor to the Organize Families page. It will then open the Organize Families page and allow you to make further edits, or apply the changes. You don't have to apply the changes right away. You can go back to the Everything Report and add other families to get all the families you want prior to applying the changes.
You can also do this function by right-clicking from the Everything Report and you will find "Add Family of: (person/couple)" on the menu that pops up.
Families can also be added by using the Add button on the Organize Families page.

Order Individuals

5. Order Individuals
Within each family, there are four ways to order individuals. The main option for this is found on the Organize Numbering page, but these four commands will allow you to instantly change the ordering. These commands are also available for easy access on the toolbar.