Upgrade to a New Version

To upgrade to a new version, either click on "New Version Available" on the menu bar (if it is there), or select the "Check Online for New Version" item from the Help menu. Doing either will bring up the Web Update window. If there is an update available, the window will look like this:
Click on the "Update" button. If you are not connected to the Internet, you will get the following Confirm box and you should click on "Yes".
Behold will then show you a progress bar while it downloads the new version of the program:
Once completed, you will get this confirmation box:
Click "Yes" and Behold will close and start the install. Prior to the install, you may (depending on your version of Windows) encounter a message box similar to this:
This box verifies that the file about to be run is the Behold Setup program that will install the new version. If this box does not say Behold Setup by Louis Kessler, then do not run it.
While the Behold Setup program is running, you will see the following Window:
Behold will then restart and indicate that it has correctly updated with the following Information box:
You now have the latest version of Behold.
If for any reason that process didn't work. You can always go to the Behold download page at www.beholdgenealogy.com/download and press the "Click here to Download" link and get the new version that way. You can simply reinstall the new version on top of the old one, and everything should work fine. Just make sure you close Behold prior to doing the install. The install cannot update the program if it is open.