Customize What Is Displayed

Behold reads in everything from your genealogy data file. It also can display everything.
Generally, you don't have to worry about how to display the data. Behold takes care of that and displays the events and facts in a logical manner. But it is up to you to determine what to display.

Organize Tags

Each GEDCOM line has a GEDCOM Tag. Behold comes with a list of all valid GEDCOM Tags on its Organize Tags page:
You can select which tags you want displayed (the checkboxes in the Tag column), and you can define what text you want each tag displayed as (the Text column). Behold comes with reasonable defaults for what is displayed and the text. A typical display might look like this:
The above text is shown with the "Display Selected Tags" setting.
You can very easily toggle between that and the "Display All Tags" setting which looks like this:
The difference between the two settings is that in the "Display All Tags" mode, everything is displayed. The unselected tags and their associated information are shown in grey text. The grey text is the text that will be hidden when you change back to "Display Selected Tags" mode.
To switch immediately between the two settings, use the "Selected Tags / All Tags" command from the View menu or click on the item on the Toolbar that looks like a checkbox:
In Behold, it is very important to know which mode you are in, because what you see (grey text and all) is what you'll get when you export the Everything Report to other formats. In other words, in "Display All Tags" mode, everything gets exported. In "Display Selected Tags" mode, only the selected tags get exported.

Organize Report

There is a second set of selections you can also make. These are on the Organize Report page.
On this page you select what parts of the Everything Report you want displayed, you define how to display the section titles, you can include or exclude some extra information, and you can change other text phrases that are used in the Report.

Saving Your Display Settings

You can save your customized settings in a Behold Organize file using the Save button at the bottom of the page. Give this file an appropriate name so you'll remember what customizations are in them. Then you can either load the entire Behold Organize file, or just merge the Tags and/or Report settings from that file using the "Merge from" button on the right panel of the pages.
A particularly good use of these settings is to change all the text Behold displays into another language. This conveniently translates the Everything Report for you. There are two How To pages specific to Translation Files:  How To Use a Translation File and How To Create a Translation File. However, do realize that Behold cannot translate your data.