Use a Translation File

If your genealogy data is recorded in some language other than English, you will probably want to use a translation file. The translation file will allow all the text Behold adds to the Everything Report to be in the language you want. That way the entire report, including your genealogy data, will be displayed in your language of choice.
At the Behold website, on the Download page at, there are free Language Translation files that you can download. These are created by Behold users. If you would like to update one or create a new one, please do so and other users will benefit from this.
You can select the translation file you want to be your default. On the File menu, select "Default Language".  The following window will appear:
Use a Translation File
GEDCOM files will always use the default language you have specified.
However, when you save a GEDCOM as a Behold Organize file (.bho), the Behold Organize file will contain its own translations. When reading in a Behold Organize file, it will first use its own translations, and it will only use the default translations for text that it doesn't have.
If you find you want to update the translations in a Behold Organize file to use those of a translation file or other Behold Organize file, you can do that with two simple steps.
1. Go to the Organize Tags page. Press the "Merge from" button, and select the translation/Behold Organize file to use:

2. Go to the Organize Report page. Press the "Merge from" button, and select the translation/Behold Organize file to use:

Behold Organize files can be used to create your own custom translation files and you can set one of them to be your default if you so desire. It is not difficult to do this. See: Creating a Translation File.

Use English or Not?

1. Use English or Not?
If you want English as your default, then leave this box checked. The language translation file will not be selectable.

Find Your Translation File

2. Find Your Translation File
If you want a different language as your default, then first uncheck the "None (English)" box. Then you can use the Browse button to find the location of the language translation file you want to use.
A language translation file can be any Behold Organize file (.bho). Behold uses the text on the Organize Tags and Organize Reports pages for the translations.