Create a Translation File

This is how you can create or update your own Translation File:
Create a Translation File

Organize Window

1. Organize Window
Start Behold. If you are updating a translation file, open the Behold Organize file with the translations you want to modify. If you are starting fresh, don't open a file. Then go to the Organize Window.

Tags Page

2. Tags Page
Go to the Tags Page.

Show All Tags

3. Show All Tags
Ensure that "Show Used" and "Show Unused" are both checked.

Select First Row

4. Select First Row
Use your mouse and left click on the Text column. This will select the row and allow you to edit the text.

Insert your Translation

5. Insert your Translation
The text is what Behold will display for that GEDCOM tag. Replace the text with the translation to your language. Behold uses Unicode and will accept any character and any accents that your keyboard allows.
When the text has a colon ":" or other punctuation at the end, you'll want to add the same to your translation.
When the text field is blank, simply leave it blank.
Once you've entered your translation, you can press Enter or press the down arrow to move to start entering the translation for the next line.
There are about 300 text items on the Tag page to translate.

The Default Button

6. The Default Button
If you forget what the original text was, it will be shown below the "Use Default" button.
To reset a line back to its default, press the "Use Default" button.

Report Page

7. Report Page
Once you've finished changing all the Text on the Tags page, then go to the Report page and do the same and change all the "Display As" fields. There are about 60 items on the Report page to translate.

Save Translation File

8. Save Translation File
After you've translated all the text on the Tags page and all the "Display As" values on the Report page, press the "Save" button to save the translation file.
The translation is saved as a Behold Organize file and will have ".bho" at the end of its file name so Behold can recognize it.
It is best to name the file as the language you have translated to. e.g. French.bho, Russian.bho, Arabic.bho


Please consider contributing your translation file so that others can use it. Send it to me (Louis Kessler) and I'll add it to the download page at the Behold website