The One-Click Organizing Tools

The One-Click Organizing Tools
Now that you know how to use the GEDCOM, Families, and  Numbering pages to order and organize genealogy data into the Everything Report, there are several very useful one-click organizing tools available to make this even easier.
If you go to the main window and select the Organize menu, the items shown above will be on the menu.
The icons shown also appear on the toolbar in the main window. You can either use the menu or the toolbar icons, whichever you find easiest.

Instant Organize

1. Instant Organize
Instant Organize is a great tool to focus in on one person. When you want to see who one person is related to, or take what you have in your family tree to someone and show them everything you have from their point of view, it will be the format you'll most likely want to use.
To do an Instant Organize, you must first select a person. There are several ways this can be done.
1. Click on a person in the Everything Report or on a person in the TreeView or move the cursor over a hyperlinked person such as in the Index of Names (but don't click on it or it will take you there) and then select the Instant Organize menu item or press the Instant Organize button on the toolbar.
2. Right-click on a person in the Everything Report or Right-click on a person in the TreeView or Right-click on a person in the Index of Names and then select the option to Instant Organize that person from the right mouse menu.
Instant Organize will change the following settings before recreating the Everything Report:
1. The Within Families setting on the Numbering Page will be changed to "Up to Ancestors" Order.
2. Others Related Through Marriage on the Families Page will be set to unchecked.
3. Everyone Else on the Families Page will be set to unchecked.
If a pair of people was selected, then an Instant Organize will be done using both the people as the base for two families.

Instant Org History

2. Instant Org History
Every time you Instant Organize someone, they get added into the Instant Organize history. Selecting the Instant Org History item on the Organize menu, or the drop-down arrow next to the Instant Organize button will give you access to the last people who you Instant Organized. This Instant Organize history will also get saved in the Behold Organize file along with the other organize information.

Add Family of

3. Add Family of
This will take the currently selected person and add that person to the Organize Families page. It will then open the Organize Families page so you can view or change the information there.
If a pair of people was selected, then both will be added to the Organize Families page.


4. Reload
After you use the Instant Organize to generate a new view of the Everything Report, you may want to go back to the previous view. Reload will load the data again the same way you last saved it from the Organize Pages. If you haven't saved the file, then it will be reloaded the way it was originally loaded.

Ordering shortcuts

5. Ordering shortcuts
These four selections will allow you to quickly change the way individual are ordered within each family.
These are exactly the same as the four option that you'll find on the Organize Numbering page. They are also presented on the Organize menu and on the toolbar for quick access to these options.