The Numbering Page

The Numbering Page
This page defines how the Everything Report will be ordered and how the individuals will be numbered.

Ordering Within Families

1. Ordering Within Families
You can choose the way the people will be ordered within their families. You do this using the Within Families dropdown box. Its selections are: Down from Ancestors, Up to Ancestors, Descendants Only and Surname Order.
Down from Ancestors will produce a list of descendants for each ancestor starting from the father's father's father's... side and working down to the mother's mother's mother's... side. This is the normal ordering that you will use most of the time.
Up to Ancestors will produce a list of descendants for each ancestor starting with the person and moving up to their parents, then their paternal grandparents, their maternal grandparents, then to the great-grandparents and so on. This is sometimes referred to as ahnentafel ordering.  It is a really good format when you are sending your information to a cousin. You can start with them, and then it will move up through their generations one family at a time. They will easily be able to follow it and can send you back updated information written onto a 2nd copy you send them.
Descendants Only will start with the person listed and just give their descendants. It will not include the ancestors of the person. This is a good ordering if you want to finely customize the way the families are listed.
Surname Order will order the ancestors by their surnames. This is most useful if all families are considered equal, for example if you are doing the genealogy of an entire town.

ID's and Numbers box

2. ID's and Numbers box
Behold gives you a useful but simple naming/numbering system. The IDs and Numbers box allows you to select what Behold should use in the numbering.
You are allowed to select combinations of the Family ID, the Family Number and the Descendant Number. The Family ID and Number for each family are listed on the Families page.

FamID Length

3. FamID Length
You can change how many letters of the Family ID are used for the numbering. This will only apply if FamID is selected as part of the numbering.

FamID Format

4. FamID Format
You can select whether or not the FamID should be capitalized. This will only apply if FamID is selected as part of the numbering.

Preview Box

5. Preview Box
The Preview box will always give you an idea of how a typical number will look as you have currently specified it.

Saving and Restoring Your Settings

6. Saving and Restoring Your Settings
On the right side of the Numbering page are two buttons:  Load from... and Save into...
The Load from... button will retrieve and use the Numbering page settings that are saved in any Behold Organize file.
The Save into... button will save your Numbering page settings into any Behold Organize file.
You might want to save a number of Behold Organize files with special names to contain the different settings that you like to use. Then they will be easy to retrieve whenever you want to.