Navigating Around the Everything Report

There are several ways of moving through the report.
The simplest way with the mouse is to use the elevator bar at the right side of the Everything Report. It works just like in other programs.
If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use that.
By way of keyboard, you can use the arrow keys, or PageUp and PageDown. To go quickly to the start of the report, use Ctrl+Home. To go to the end, use Ctrl+End.
Single click on any hyperlink (blue underlined text) and you will be taken to the relevant information. To get to the parents, other spouses, or children of a person, you'll find the appropriate links to click on with that person's information.
And don't forget about the TreeView. Clicking on any entry there will bring up that item in the Everything Report.
There's also one other nifty little navigation tool. It's similar to the forward/back tool you find in a web browser. See the following diagram:
Navigating Around the Everything Report

Back and Forward

1. Back and Forward
There are "Back" and "Forward" selections on the Navigate menu to easily move you through the sections of the Everything Report you have previously been to.. They will work just like an Internet Browser's Back and Forward keys. There are toolbar icons as well (the backward and forward arrows shown above). Or you can use the keyboard shortcuts of Alt+left arrow and Alt+right arrow.

Back and Forward History

2. Back and Forward History
In addition, the toolbar arrows also have little dropdown arrows, which you can select to show the navigation history and can jump directly to one of the sections you have previously visited.