File Information and Submitter Details

File Information and Submitter Details
The last sections of the Everything report contains File Information and Submitter Details. Most genealogy programs store information about the program used, the author and the date of the file along with its genealogy information. Behold lists that information in these sections for all the data files that have been loaded.

Input Files

1. Input Files
Each file that is included in this Behold run is listed in the File Information and is numbered sequentially: F1, F2, ...

GEDCOM Header Info

2. GEDCOM Header Info
Information from the GEDCOM HEAD record is listed.

File Details

3. File Details
This is information about the input file as determined by Behold. It includes physical file information, as well as counts of the number of people, families, sources and repositories.  More detailed count information is in the log file.

Message Summary

4. Message Summary
Important messages are then listed. These will indicate if Behold finds possible problems with your data. Click on the link to the log file to get detailed information about each message.
Note the first message about the CONC tag. That is the GEDCOM tag to CONCatenate a line onto the previous line. The GEDCOM spec says that a word must be split in two over the two lines, but some programs do it incorrectly and concatenate at the end of a word. Unfortunately, the input file does not say which way it is done and it is not possible to always determine from the file itself which way was used. So Behold maintains a table of which programs do it which way. Some items in the table may be wrong, but Behold gives you a way to fix it if it is, as detailed in the message.

Submitter Details

5. Submitter Details
This is the information from the SUBM (Submitter) record in the GEDCOM file. It usually contains information about the author of the GEDCOM file.