The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar
This is Behold's menu bar. Selecting one brings up its submenu.
If you press the Alt key and then press the underlined letter, you will activate the menu item with the underlined letter. This is a standard Windows capability and is implemented in Behold for all menus and submenus.
Submenu items, e.g.:
Submenu items such as Open may show an icon on the left. This icon may appear on the toolbar.
Three periods following the item name tells you that this function will open a window asking for more information. Items not followed by three periods are executed immediately.
If the command has a keyboard shortcut, then it is shown on the right.
If the item is greyed out, then that command is cannot be executed in the current context.


1. File
Open, close, and do other neat stuff with files. See: The File Menu


2. Edit
Currently doesn't do much, but it will do a lot more when editing is added in Version 2. See: The Edit Menu


3. Search
From this menu, you can find stuff in the Everything Report. See: The Search Menu


4. Navigate
Move around the Everything Report ... or STOP! See: The Navigate Menu


5. View
Check out your input file, log file, and set options on what to display and how to display it. See: The View Menu


6. Organize
Lot's of good stuff here. See the Organize Pages and view your data in different ways. See: The Organize Menu


7. Help
Everything you'll need to know is here. See: The Help Menu

Check for New Version

8. Check for New Version
This menu item will only appear when Behold somehow knows that a new version is available, either through you checking manually, or through you allowing Behold to check automatically for you.
Clicking on this item will bring up the Web Update Window.