Input and Output Files

Behold works with files.
There are two types of files Behold can input that contain genealogy data:
- GEDCOM files (*.ged) - The commonly used file format for Genealogy data transfer.
- FTWText files (also *.ged) - A similar file format to GEDCOM but with different Tags.
For each *.ged file, Behold produces a log file:
- Log files (*.ged.log) - Contains information and messages about what was encountered during input.
Behold allows you to save your settings and then reload them:
- Behold Organize files (*.bho) - Contains links to your data and information on how to organize it.
(Note that Language Translation files for Behold are simply Organize Files)
There are currently two export formats:
- HTML files - to display the Everything Report in a web browser and/or on a web site.
- RTF files - to be able to load the Everything Report in a word processing program.
(Note: GEDCOM export will be added soon, prior to Version 2.0 and editing)