HTML Export

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a format used for web pages. Behold can produce HTML output that can then be put up on a website. This is done with the File -> Export -> HTML command. The webpage reproduces the Everything Report almost exactly.
Behold produces the HTML output as a single web page. Currently there is no option to produce the output as multiple pages.
Note that very large genealogy files will correspondingly result in very large HTML files. Web browsers may have trouble loading very large HTML files.

Webpage Title

1. Webpage Title
You can set the webpage title to what you want with the on the Organize Report page using the HTML Title settings.


This is where the HTML file is physically located. It can have the .html or .htm or .shtml or any other legal file suffix that works in web browsers.

The HTML Output

3. The HTML Output
The HTML output looks almost exactly the same in a web browser as the Everything Report looks in Behold. Behold makes use of embedded CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in the HTML file to do this.


4. Hyperlinks
The hyperlinks in the HTML output all work properly. Most hyperlinks are blue in most browsers. When the mouse is over a hyperlink, the hyperlink may change color, may get underlined, and the cursor may change to a pointer, e.g.: