RTF Export

RTF Export
RTF (Rich Text Format) is a format used for word processing files. Behold can produce RTF output that can be read into most Word Processor programs. This is done with the File -> Export -> RTF command. The webpage reproduces the Everything Report almost exactly.
Behold produces the RTF output as a single document, with page breaks between major sections.
Note that very large genealogy files will correspondingly result in very large RTF files. Word Processors may have trouble loading very large RTF files.


1. Filename
This is the name of the file being viewed.

The RTF Output

2. The RTF Output
The RTF output looks almost exactly the same in a web browser as the Everything Report looks in Behold.


3. Hyperlinks
The hyperlinks in the RTF output all work properly. In Microsoft Word, you use Ctrl+Click to follow a hyperlink.

Page Breaks

4. Page BreaksMajor sections in the document begin with a page break so they can start conveniently on a new page.