Instant Organize

Instant Organize is most useful when there is one person in particular you are interested in, and you want to know about all the relatives of that one person.
You may have a cousin who is interested in your family. By Instant Organizing on your cousin, you will get all the people you have in common between you and your cousin. You can send your cousin the report and they won't be distracted or given access to all the people in your family tree that they are not related to.
Instant Organize produces a slightly different report that is centered on the person selected and then works up and away, generation by generation. This way, the people earliest in the report will be the ones that the person will be most familiar with.
There are three ways you can select a person and do an Instant Organize on them:
  • In the Everything Report, click somewhere in the data about a person. (Don't click on a hyperlink, or you'll be transferred elsewhere). You should see the Instant Organize Toolbar item get highlighted:

    Click on the toolbar item, or select "Instant Organize" from the Organize menu.
  • In the Everything Report, right-click somewhere over the data about a person. One of the right-click options will be to "Instant Organize" about that person.
  • In the Treeview, right-click somewhere over a person. One of the right-click options will be to "Instant Organize" about that person.
You can also Instant Organize on a husband/wife pair at once. You will see this option if you are over family information, or if you are over any title or link to a pair of people. If you do this Instant Organize, you will get two central people, all relatives of the first following by all relatives of the second.