Organize Your Families

The Everything Report in Behold is designed to organize all your data for you.

Auto Organize

By default, when you load data into Behold, it will get "Auto Organized". Behold will take the first person in the data file and create the first "family" in the Everything Report to be all relatives of that person. The next "family" will be the first spouse/partner of that person and the same for additional spouse. Following that, anyone related through marriage and their families will be included in a "Related Through Marriage" family, and last there will be an "Everyone Else" family.
95% of the time, the above arrangement will work for you. Most GEDCOM files are created with a significant person (the researcher, or an ancestor of the researcher) as the first person. If the arrangement is good enough for you, then you are done.

The Organize Families page

If you want to organize you families differently, you can do most of that on the Organize Families page:
You can select which families to exclude by unchecking them, you can move families up or down, and you can add or remove families.
When you press the Add button, it will display the following information box and then take you back to the Everything Report:
You can then find the families to add, add them, and go back to the Organize Families page and move them around.
You can also quickly select or deselect the "Others Related Through Marriage" and "Everyone Else" families with the following two items on the Toolbar:

Order Individuals Within Families

Within each family, you can organize the people in different ways. This you'll find on the Organize Numbering page in the Order Individuals box:
That box has four choices:
with "Down from Ancestors" being the default. This is described in more detail on the the Within Families description on the Organize Numbering page. These choices are also easily accessible from four buttons on the Toolbar:

Save your Ordering in a Behold Organize File

You may want to organize your families several different ways. Feel free to save each type of ordering you use in a different Behold Organize file, so you can recall it quickly. Use the Save button to save a Behold Organize file.