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Updated Screenshots of Behold - Mon, 2 May 2011

It’s been a long time coming. The screenshots of Behold that were up on its screenshot page were taken from Behold version 0.98.7a alpha, 23 Nov 2006. Those were from my old Windows XP machine and have XP’s standard blue-framed theme.

I figure now that I’ve updated all the screenshots in the Tutorial of Behold’s User Guide, that it’s about time to do it on website as well. So now we’ve got the nice clean default Windows Vista glass theme for the images. The image on Behold’s home page is updated as well.

It is interesting that in those 4 and a half years, the program really doesn’t look that much different. The basic design is well set and has withstood the alpha and best test of time.

Doing this sort of update, there’s always at least one imperfection that shows up. The line divider on the toolbar that follows the Find dropdown, should have been after the Paste icon which is just before the Find icon. Ooh, I hate when that happens. I’m not going to change them all now throughout the Tutorial and website. If I went through all that work, I’m sure just at the end of doing it, I’d find something else. So I’ll just fix it in the program, and next time I update stuff, it’ll get into the update.

p.s. I quietly increased Behold’s money back guarantee from 30 to 60 days. Plimus requires vendors guarantee 2 levels of refunds: unconditional up to 30 days, and with explanation up to 60 days. I thought I’d just show that I honor their policy and extend it by making it unconditional for Behold for 60 days.

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