The 7 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Genealogy


7. Genealogy Is a Hobby Everyone Can Do

It takes no special skills. You can be any age, any nationality or religion. You can do it for a while and then leave it alone for awhile and then pick it up again, even years later. You can do it in your spare time, or you might take pleasure in studying genealogical techniques, going to genealogy conferences, visiting your ancestral home towns, or doing major research.

6. Genealogy Is a Social Hobby

One thing it does is it gets you to talk to people. You talk to relatives to learn about the family. You talk to other researchers to find out where you might look. You talk to librarians and archivists to get the real goods. You email and join social networks to communicate to family online. There's nothing like genealogy when it comes to connecting with others.

5. Genealogy Is a Mystery You'll Never Solve

If you like mystery novels or mystery movies, then Genealogy is for you. You have 8 (or more) great-grandparents you can research. Some you'll find lots about. Other's you'll find nothing. Don't get frustrated. Sometimes it takes years for the clue to come that answers that one question. Genealogy is a never ending puzzle. Once you find out who that great-grandparent was and where he lived, then that leads to the question: who were his parents and siblings and where did they live?

4. You and Your Genealogy are Unique

Every person has their own unique family connections. Your own brother and sister may have the same family lines as you, but if you marry, then you could very well become interested in your spouse's family as well. Your journey is a personal one belonging to yourself and sharable in part with your closest relatives and friends.

3. There Is Nothing About Genealogy That Limits What You Search

Heck, you can even do your pet's pedigree, or keep track of your neighbors and their families, or do a study of all people who lived in a certain town, or do the history of that town, or the history of a house, or research all the people with the last name Gazorgenplatz, or a single ship crossing. It really is up to you and where your interests lie.

2. It's Your Absolute Duty To Pass On Your Memories - Or They Will Be Forgotten

The only way anyone will be remembered is if someone remembers them. Do your duty and remember your loved ones and the people that were part of your lives. It's not just about dates and places. It's about the individuals and their lives and their stories and all the great things that make they who they were. Make sure all your family memories and knowledge gets recorded before it's too late.

1. Genealogy Is A Lifelong Activity That Is Fun and Addictive and Fulfilling

Once you get started, you'll get hooked. Start when you're young and interview all your great aunts and uncles. Continue through middle age as you collect information from far and wide. Use your later years to compile everything thoughtfully and pass on your enthusiasm to the younger generations.