Welcome to Behold

Behold is a program for genealogy that I have designed to change the way genealogists record and use their family history.
The concept is that you will no longer be input based, and forced to enter your data inefficiently on forms that control what you do. Instead Behold is output-based giving you the report first - an Everything Report with all your data organized to be usable, understandable, and useful for you in your genealogy research.
Rather than entering your data on input forms and generating inadequate reports from it, Behold will enable you to work in your Everything Report and enter all your data  directly into the Report. Behold will provide tools and means to make the your data entry fast and easy. Behold will work like a word processor that is customized for genealogy.
That's what Version 2.0 of Behold will be - it will be a full genealogy data editor.
However, we are not quite there yet.
Behold is currently a genealogy data reader. It will read your GEDCOM file and produce its Everything Report for you. You'll find the Everything Report very useful, allowing you to see and use your data in ways you cannot with your current genealogy program.
Try this version of Behold. If you like it, come along for the ride. You'll love Version 2.0 and editing when that's ready.
Behold runs on Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1, either 32 or 64 bit. Any computer able to run these operating systems will be sufficiently powerful to run Behold.
Louis Kessler
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada