The Save As Dialog

The Save As Dialog
This will save your organize settings into a Behold Organize file.
Behold Organize files are special files used to save Behold Organize Info and a few other things like Instant organize history, find history and back/forward history. These files should have the extension ".bho" at the end of them. They do not contain any genealogy data, but do contain pointers to the files (GEDCOM or other) that have the genealogy data.

File Name

1. File Name
Give it a file name. In this case it will be saved as Customized McCarthy.bho and for the purpose of this tutorial, make sure it will be saved in the Sample Files directory with the Steve McCarthy Legacy.ged file. The directory Windows uses for sample files may depend on your version of Windows. On Windows 8 and 8.1 for example, you'll find the sample files place in the "\Documents\Behold\Sample Files" directory.

Save button

2. Save button
Then press the Save button.