The Organize Window

The Organize Window
The Organize window is made up of five separate tabbed pages, and has 5 buttons on the bottom.

The 5 Pages

1. The 5 Pages
The five pages are:
  • GEDCOMs - Defines the files Behold will use.
  • Families - Defines the families that will be displayed.
  • Numbering - Defines how the report will be ordered and numbered
  • Tags - Lists all the GEDCOM tags, which you want to hide, and the text each should display.
  • Report - Defines all your report options.
You can also get direct access to these five pages individually from the Organize menu.

Individual Pages

2. Individual Pages
Each of the 5 pages has a different appearance. This page is the GEDCOMs page. Each page has its own set of buttons on the right.

Apply button

3. Apply button
After you make changes to any of the pages, both the Apply and Cancel buttons will become active.
Press Apply to make the changes, and the Everything Report will be updated to reflect the changes.

Cancel button

4. Cancel button
Press Cancel to cancel any changes you made since the last time you pressed Apply.

OK button

5. OK button
Pressing OK is the same as pressing Apply except that it also closes the Organize window.

Help button

6. Help button
You know what this is for.

Save button

7. Save button
The Save button is special. It will save all your Organize Info that is on all the Pages into a Behold Organize file.
Now press the Save button ...