The Report Options Page

The Report Options Page
Here you can select other options for your report.  There are three sections: Contents, Extra Info, and Text to Display
Contents: allows you to specify which sections of the Everything Report to include and what the section headings should be. Note that Section 2 is the main contents of the Everything Report, and that is always included.
Extra Info: are some additional information that you can include in the report.
Possible Data Problems: allows you to select what data problems you want Behold to check for you.
Relatives for Life Events: lets you specify what you want to call the different relatives in the report, e.g. for different languages, or if you don't want to distinguish between sex or whether they are older or younger siblings.
Text to Display: are all the other text that is written into the Everything Report. You cannot deselect these, but you can change the text that is displayed. This will be useful for displaying the contents of the Everything Report in different languages, or to otherwise customize some of the text Behold displays.