Multiple Marriages, Step Families, and Cross Referencing

Multiple Marriages, Step Families, and Cross Referencing
Behold tries to show marriages as clearly as possible.
Cross referencing is used to prevent duplicating the same data more than once in the Everything Report.


1. Re-marriages
If a person marries a second time, then that person will be shown again with an "r" (remarried) before their name. the 2nd spouse will have an "m2." before their name. If a spouse remarries, they will have an "s." before their name and their spouse will have an "sm." before their name. All half-families (one parent in common) and step-families (parent of one married the parent of another) are shown just after the associated marriage.

Cross Referencing

2. Cross Referencing
When one person is encountered a second time, their information is not shown again, but a cross-reference is included for easy access back to where their information was given. You can see this in the above example. The information about Kevin Francis McCARTHY was first displayed where it was given the number MCC-13. For his remarriage to Cathie Iwen, he is displayed again as MCC-14 with the statement "see above" being a hyperlink to take you to the earlier reference. But Cathie Iwen was not displayed before, so all her information is shown. Their children would follow.
But if Cathie Iwen had been displayed before, then she would also be given a cross reference. In that case, Kevin and Cathie's children also would have been displayed before, and they will not be shown a second time.
To find every place that a person is referenced, you can use the Index of Names, which lists and provides hyperlinks for every cross reference for each individual.