Complex Information, Organized For You, All In One Place

Complex Information, Organized For You, All In One Place
Behold has no internal limits on the amount of information that can be displayed. Notes can be any size. Names, places and identifiers are shown as they are in the input file.
The information above is shown with the display of hidden data turned off. If hidden information display is turned on, then you would see additional lines in grey color.

Events and Facts

1. Events and Facts
Every event and fact is given its own line.


2. Places
Places are all hyperlinked to their location in the Place Details section.

Source References

3. Source References
Source References are shown with a hyperlink to their location in the Source Details section, along with the description of the source reference.

External Links

4. External Links
Links to objects on one's computer, website addresses, urls, or email addresses are all hyperlinked. Clicking on the hyperlink will open the helper program to view that particular object. That might be your picture display program, your web browser, or your email program. Behold sends the link to Windows, and Windows uses the suffix of the file (e.g. ".jpg") to figure out which program to use.

Parent and Spouse Links

5. Parent and Spouse Links
At the end of every person's information, there is a hyperlink to all their listed parents. If they have other spouses, there are hyperlinks to all their other spouses.

Children Links

6. Children Links
At the end of the family information are hyperlinks to all the children of that family.