Loading Data into Behold

To get started you will need to load some genealogy data into Behold.
The standard for transferring genealogy data between programs is known as GEDCOM. It is a format that most genealogy programs can input and output. Please pronounce it as "Jed-com", with a soft-g and not a hard-g.
If you want to use your own genealogy data to test Behold, then you will have to use your current genealogy program to export its data to a GEDCOM file. Normally, in your program's File menu, there should be an menu item to export to a GEDCOM file. If it is not there, you will have to consult your program's documentation to see how to do it. Then remember the directory the GEDCOM file is placed into.
For convenience, Behold installs with two sample GEDCOM files that you can use if you don't have a GEDCOM file of your own. On Windows 8.1, these files are put into the "\Users\Public\Documents" section of your computer under the "\Behold\Sample Files" directory. This Tutorial will use these sample files.