Opening a GEDCOM File

Opening a GEDCOM File
Select the Open command from the File menu. If you prefer using the Toolbar or shortcut keys, the ones to use are shown in the menu next to the command. For example, the Ctrl+O key (reads: hold the Ctrl key down and press the letter O) will do the same as the Open command.
The above Window will then appear.

Sample Files

1. Sample Files
The sample files shown are normally placed in your Documents directory under "\Behold\Sample Files". These are files supplied by users of Behold with their permission. They are wonderful examples of genealogy data files produced using two different programs, PAF and Legacy, and contain a wide assortment of genealogy constructs. They are great files to help illustrate what Behold does. Feel free to load them into other genealogy software that you have and compare how you view the data in the other software to how you view the data in Behold.
The "Customized McCarthy.bho" file won't be there when you first start Behold. It's a Behold Organize file. You will create it later in this Tutorial.

These Cute Icons

2. These Cute Icons
And what about these cute icons  that are in the Open box? I bet you don't have them ...