The GEDCOMs Page

The GEDCOMs Page
The GEDCOMs page of the Organize window will now list the Larry Cada GEDCOM along with the Steve McCarthy GEDCOM.

GEDCOM File Information

1. GEDCOM File Information
For each file, the GEDCOMs page shows the file name, the directory it is in, an assigned sequence number, an ID that you can change, and how many spaces (0 or 1) it adds prior to concatenating a line. The number and the ID are used for numbering. You can change the ID yourself with the Edit ID button or by double clicking on the ID. You can change the CONC setting by double clicking on that setting.
You can reorder GEDCOMs with the Move Up and Move Down buttons or by using the mouse and dragging a filename to where you want it.
The checkmark before each filename indicates whether or not to include that file when loading the Everything Report. That way, you can quickly uncheck a file if you temporarily don't want to include it. The Select button will change the checkmark or you can simply use your mouse and click.
If you really don't want the file in the list, you can press the Remove button and it will be taken off the list.
There are two other ways to include multiple GEDCOMs in Behold:
1. You can use the Add GEDCOM(s) item on the File Menu of the main form.
2. You can select more than one GEDCOM file when you use Open... from the File Menu on the main form.
You cannot load more than one Behold Organize file at a time. And you cannot open GEDCOMs and a Behold Organize file together. You must first open the Behold Organize file, and then add any other GEDCOMs you want to it. If you open a Behold Organize file with other files open, then those files will be closed first (but you will be asked to save if you made changes).


2. Apply
Press the Apply or OK button and both files will be loaded into the Everything Report.
Press F9 to go back to the Organize Info.
Then click on the Families tab at the top of the Organize window.