The Families Page

The Families Page
Families define the grouping and the order that people are displayed in the Everything Report.
Each person listed starts a family. All the relatives of each person make up that person's Family. That includes all their ancestors as well as the descendants of their ancestors. Relatives include half-family and step-family, but do not include relatives through marriage other than the person who married into the family.
People may be in multiple families. But their information and all their descendants are only included in the first occurrence. All others show just their name and a cross reference and link back to the first occurrence.


1. Families
By default, Behold starts with the first person from all files loaded, who usually are the people of interest. The person and the person's spouse/partner(s) will be included as the initial families.


The ID of the GEDCOM the family comes from is listed here. By default, the ID is the first three letters of the GEDCOM file name, but this can be changed on the GEDCOMs page.

Family Number and ID

3. Family Number and ID
Each Family is assigned a sequential number and an ID initially taken from their birth Surname.  These are used simple to make identification easier.
You can edit the ID yourself by clicking on it

Add or Remove

4. Add or Remove
Families can be manually added or removed.
Actually all the Add... button does is bring the Everything Report to the front so you can select people to add a new families. This will be described on the next page of this help.

Move Up or Down

5. Move Up or Down
The order of the families can be changed. This can also be done by dragging and dropping the family name to a new position.


6. Checkmarks
The checkmarks indicate which families will be included in the Everything Report.  Unchecking a family is a simple way of excluding it without removing it. This way, the families you often organize around can stay on the Families page so you don't have to keep searching for them whenever you need them again.

Related Through Marriage and Everyone Else

7. Related Through Marriage and Everyone Else
There are two special family groups that are always at the bottom of the Families page: "Others Related Through Marriage" and "Everyone Else".
You cannot remove these groups and you cannot move them up or down. But you can select or deselect them and change their ID.
These give you the capability of including the other people that are not in the family groups you have selected. If Others Related Through Marriage is not selected, then those people will be included in the Everyone Else group if it is selected.
To make it easy for you to change whether RM and EE are selected or not, the toolbar on the main Behold window has two icons that you can use:
Here you see RM as not selected (flat) and EE as selected (pushed in). By clicking with your mouse on one of these icons, you will change its selection (without having to come into the Organize window) and Behold will immediately recreate the Everything Report with the new setting.