Associate Window

Associate Window
This is the Window that opens when you run the Associate command.

Open With Behold

1. Open With Behold
You can choose to make Behold your default program to open GEDCOM files or Behold Organize files. If you do so, then the icons Windows uses to represent these two files will be as shown above.
You may or may not want to set Behold to be your default program to open GEDCOM files. Only do so if you don't have another genealogy program that you primarily use.
Normally, you will want to associate Behold Organize files with Behold, since no other program uses them.
Note that if you install another genealogy program, it may take over the the default program status for GEDCOM files without asking you. That is bad behavior. Behold will never do that, but requires that you make the decision to set the defaults.

Use Current/Previous Association

2. Use Current/Previous Association
Behold remembers the previous program that was associated with GEDCOM and Behold Organize files. If you want to, you can go back to that previous association.