Default Language Window

Default Language Window
This is the Window that opens when you run the Default Language command. It specifies the default language file you want to use when opening GEDCOM files.
This will not apply to Behold Organize files, which contain their own language information in them. To change the language of a Behold Organize file, open the Behold Organize file, and then first on the Organize Tags page, merge from your language file, and second on the Organize Report page, merge from your language file. Your Behold Organize file will now include the information from that language file and you can save it for easy access later.

Use the Default

1. Use the Default
This box is checked if you want to use the default English language.

Your Language File

2. Your Language File
A language file is a Behold Organize file that only contains the text that should be used to display GEDCOM Tags and Report information. This text is, of course, specific to the language of interest. You can think of this as a translation file.
Various user-created language translation files are available free on the Behold download page at:

Browse For It

3. Browse For It
Brings up an Open File dialog to allow you to locate where your translation file is. Note that you will have to uncheck the default box prior to the Browse key becoming active.