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Long time no chat.. - Forum post by silicon in General Discussion - 14 May 2014

Hi Louis, Haven't chatted in ages. Have switched to Mac but still have Behold running under Parallels 9. How are things coming?? Guess we missed the April release, but knowing you it won't be released till it is ready. I am as always patient. Have reached the 80 age mark, so I do hope you will be very ...

Life Events – Family Information You Can Really Use! - Blog comment by silicon - 7 Apr 2012

Whoops, Apr 2013... Herb...

Life Events – Family Information You Can Really Use! - Blog comment by silicon - 7 Apr 2012

I had read the Sept Blog. You answered my desires by seeing Mac scheduled for 2014. BTW, enjoy your Cruise. Have many former work colleagues in AU and NZ. Wonderful people and countries. Herb...

Life Events – Family Information You Can Really Use! - Blog comment by silicon - 5 Apr 2012

Louis, This is a big step and very promising. I have recently switched to Mac full time and am wondering in that you are incorporating Unicode if Mac is in a reasonably near future. If not I will run it in VMware Fusion till it is available. Thanks for your out of the box thinking and hard work. Herb...

2011 - A Very Good Year! - Blog comment by silicon - 1 Jan 2012

Louis, Have a very Healthy and profitable New Year.. Herb...

RootsMagic 4 Misbehaves! - Blog comment by silicon - 20 Nov 2011

Louis, I understand your frustration and have empathy for you as you are so close to your 1st release. However, source citations and sources are important to the proper recording of facts. Have you looked at any of the other programs that use similar templates?? Like Legacy, and I believe Master Genealogist ...

Version 0.99.14 beta Released - Blog comment by silicon - 14 Aug 2010

Louis, This is the best you have done with the everything report. Fantastic!! It makes so much more sense and is totally logical in approach. Thanks so much for Tamura and his comments. And to you for the change. You are ready for version one in my opinion. Herb... Any bugs that may crop up will be ...

Un-AutoOrganize - Blog comment by silicon - 11 Aug 2010

Louis, I'm glad to see you have such a good sense of humor. I had done exactly as you described in in the organize family's page. But it just wasn't to me the best way to go. I export my gedcom's from RootsMagic and with all the data entry and edit's I have been doing in RM, it became more work than I ...

Un-AutoOrganize - Blog comment by silicon - 10 Aug 2010

Louis, I agree with Tamura fully. It has been a real unpleasant tool at times. It always wanted to default to my sister, thereby leaving my line through our father completely out of the linage. I have fought this function so many times and was blaming myself for not being able to grasp why it was ...

The Behold Beta Is Now Available! - Blog comment by silicon - 1 Dec 2009

Good Morning Louis, Got the copy and am off to discover new ideas. Just looked at the last Alpha release. WoW! how time flies... Herb...