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60th Birthday AND Retirement! - Blog comment by ram09 - 24 Nov 2016

Very nice summary post of your career in the multiple facets. I'm hoping to see more updates on the progress of Behold sooner rather than later now that it is your "new" full time job! Next summer you'll have to look into a waterproof keyboard so you can program from the pool!

First Behold Newsletter in Awhile - Blog comment by ram09 - 30 May 2010

Can you actually use the word "awhile" in your title when its been over 3 years? That's almost half ways to being legally dead!

Fixing Getting Things Done - Blog comment by ram09 - 9 Mar 2009

Interesting blog post, but at the same time I'm having issues fully believing these methodologies. Software development is like a very long road. There are always enhancements that can make the drive more scenic or enjoyable, but after a while I would like to see my destination before I run out of gas, but at ...

The Best Genealogy Software Reviews - Blog comment by ram09 - 18 Dec 2008

Well there is another argument that we havn't considered, he may simply have developed the site for himself. He may not really care if other people can or cannot view it. I'm assuming at one point when he does want to share with the whole world, he will make his site "compliant" with the most popular ...

The Best Genealogy Software Reviews - Blog comment by ram09 - 15 Dec 2008

A quick look at Browser statistics ( and 47% (IE7, IE6) of the people browsing the internet will not get a chance to view the site unless they install add-ons. Like rcrooks said, most people won't bother. Trying to be standards-compliant reminds me of a ...