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Complete Genealogy Data Transfer - Blog comment by qbuster - 13 Jun 2015

I agree with Louis. I do accept what arb is concerned about but, if I understand Louis correctly, I think you are missing the main point: main point is that if gedcom reader x doesn't recognise a chunk of data it should ignore it - pass on by and leave it intact. For me this is a no-brainer. If I can't ...

Beta? - Forum post by qbuster in General Discussion - 24 Feb 2014

I've benn a Pro member of Myheritage for over 5 years now and switched over to Geni in 2009 ago because the accuracy of MyHeritage SmartMatching was atrocious and the design of the software cumbersome. Tech Support I was equally frustrating and not once gave the impression that they knew anything about the ...

Beta? - Forum post by qbuster in General Discussion - 18 Feb 2014

Am I the only one that is disappointed that yet another year has gone by without an update of some sort? This time last year I suggested the idea of a beta just to keep us interested. I must admit that I am getting to the stage where Ithink the modest amount of money that paid to get into Behold for the long ...

Missed target releases - Forum post by qbuster in Questions and Answers - 26 Sep 2013

The last release is dated May and I see that we have missed the target date of v1.1 (August 2013) and are getting close to also missing 1.1.1 (September 2013). Having been a software developer in my time I understand how targets gte missed but with such a long silence without any progress reports I must admit ...

Beta? - Forum post by qbuster in General Discussion - 7 Feb 2013

Louis I read your blog piece about the Aussie cruise - I've heard about going from the fat into the fire but my brother (who lives in OZ) told me recently that temperatures there were 50 degrees centrigrade! And you are leaving temps well below freezing...the comparison should be intriguing... Is it possible we ...

Beta? - Forum post by qbuster in General Discussion - 18 Jan 2013

Louis You said you like being pushed - this is not a push but a general comment. Its been over year now since the last update and my latest glance shows me that dates set last year for the beginning of this year (2013) are already slipping. For that reason, I would like to endorse trolleydave's suggestion that ...

Beyond hangs during edit - Forum post by qbuster in Report a Problem - 19 Jan 2010

I noticed that there was some lack of consistency in the way that I had named places/locations. For example, some times I use England, sometimes United Kingdom. Also had a few mispells where England was Enlgand, etc. Accordingly I tried to correct/edit these in the right hand window. Behold left me type in the ...