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60th Birthday AND Retirement! - Blog comment by justincyork - 1 Dec 2016

Louis I actually haven't decided whether I'll attend.

60th Birthday AND Retirement! - Blog comment by justincyork - 25 Nov 2016

Congrats Louis. I'm excited to see what you'll be able to do being committed full time to genealogy.

A New Notation for DNA Relationships?? - Blog comment by justincyork - 21 Dec 2015

While developing fs-traversal we had a need to describe arbitrary relationships. We came up with a similar notation with letters representing each step. Though we wanted to know both the direction and gender (if possible) so we came up with: s = son d = daughter c = child m = mother f = father h = ...

Genealogy Software is Transforming - Blog comment by justincyork - 28 Nov 2014

My experience is vastly different. I can't get MyHeritage to talk to me as a developer.

A Recipe for GEDCOM - Blog comment by justincyork - 3 Aug 2013

The community at large seems to have abandoned the idea that GEDCOM can be fixed. Why do you think that is?