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Deep Ancestors - Blog comment by jbissett - 3 Oct 2017

With all due respect, Steven Fox's VP spreadsheet works wonderfully, once the crossover points are correctly identified. Have you worked with it yet? As I said, your work can take the cousin matches back further than just the 4 grandparents, so some type of correlation between the two programs is definitely ...

Deep Ancestors - Blog comment by jbissett - 2 Oct 2017

Determining crossover points is a key factor when developing a Visual Phasing chromosome map of each chromosome for a given group of ancestors. Determining earlier sub-groups is certainly an important additional capability. Now that DMT can be used for GedMatch results as well as FTDNA, DMT can provide the ...

Done and Onward - Blog comment by jbissett - 5 Jun 2017

Answers a lot of my questions that I sent in earlier via other means. DMT is amazing as version 1.3. I can't wait to run 1.5. And then I will bug you about the updates you envision. :-) I will also be trying out Behold. It also looks amazing. I wonder why it took me so long to find it, especially since ...

Triangulation and Missing a-b Segments - Blog comment by jbissett - 12 Jan 2017

I'm trying to wrap my tired old brain around these concepts. As I look at your final example, I wonder if you might not have hit on a key to finding MRCAs older than 3rd generation. I'm REALLY liking DMT!!