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And Now … GEDCOM 3.0! - Blog comment by janmurphy - 9 Feb 2016

For the benefit of your readers who didn't follow the discussions on FHISO's list, I'll put my two cents here. I agree with you that the source record format is needed because I was trained to work from the source material first and then extract the data from it. The extracted data, when separated for each ...

Standardizing Sources and Citation Templates - Blog comment by janmurphy - 9 Sep 2014

Re: Section 6 What about Repositories?: We also need layers to sort out the confusion about what a repository is. I got into an argument on another venue about whether or similar websites are repositories are not. If I recall correctly, Elizabeth Shown Mills has stated that a website is not a ...

How many sources/citations is too many? - Blog comment by janmurphy - 28 Dec 2013

The problem comes about because there are many steps to the process, and we're all describing different parts, like the blind men all touching a different part of the elephant. Lineage-linked databases are being pressed into service as our main research repositories, and few if any have tools for evidence ...