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It’s About Time for Version 1.1 - Blog comment by goulooze - 7 May 2014

By the time you get to 1.5 I probably won't be using a version of Microsoft Windows is my operating system of choice anymore... :)

Re-evaluating the Future of Genealogy Software - Blog comment by goulooze - 14 Mar 2014

I started to write one little comment, and it grew into this :) I've numbered my thoughts to correspond with yours. Here goes! 1. I think something like Wikitree or FamilySearch tree will never truly work, mainly because the subject of family history holds a lot more emotion and personal involvement for any ...

An End of Year Evaluation - Blog comment by goulooze - 25 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas, Louis! I can hold out a bit longer :)

Defining Life Events - Blog comment by goulooze - 5 Jul 2012

Louis, check out the Dutch genealogy program Aldfaer. It's main ppage shows a list of life events. Check out the screenshot on their Wiki: It shows a person's age, and the events that happened in their live at that time, like uncles and aunts ...

I Have Evidence About the Future of Behold - Blog comment by goulooze - 15 Feb 2012

This idea is the main reason why I purchased my license, as this is not only the future of Behold, but also the future of any genealogy program.

A Review of A Review - Blog comment by goulooze - 9 Feb 2012

I decided to go ahead and buy my license because of Tamura's review, and also so that you can go out and buy yourself a beer. I'm looking forward to future releases, and you can expect to get some feedback from me from time to time.