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My RootsTech Tech - Blog comment by geniaus - 3 Feb 2017

No pen, n paper, no laptop. You are a brave man Louis.

Double Match Triangulator - Version 1.4 - Blog comment by geniaus - 22 Jan 2017

You're really putting your heart and soul into this - hope it goes well at Rootstech.

What to do When Your @FamilyTreeDNA Autosomal Results Come In - Blog comment by geniaus - 10 Jan 2017

Well I didn't know about the Matching Bucket - thanks for enlightening me.

#RootsTech 2017 Ambassadors - Blog comment by geniaus - 8 Dec 2016

Thanks for including me on your list. I believe there are about 80 Ambassadors (perhaps they are not as loud as me!)

The Bloggers’ Geneameme - Blog comment by geniaus - 28 Aug 2013

Thanks, Louis for joining in this activity and all your kind words. I'll have another necklace for you if we meet again. For those who may read this post and don't know Louis he is the man behind that amazing resource, Genealogy Software Reviews,

Thoughts on RootsTech 2013 - Blog comment by geniaus - 22 Mar 2013

Thanks, Louis, for your vote of confidence from afar. We panelists had a fun time in our session.

One Week to the Unlock The Past Cruise - Blog comment by geniaus - 2 Feb 2013

And we were complaining about the cold in Sydney today where the temperature didn't go over 20 c. Look forward to meeting you again on the cruise, Louis. Hopefully it won't be as crazy as Rootstech.

Unlock The Past Genealogy Cruise: February 2013 - Blog comment by geniaus - 20 Mar 2012

Louis, Hopefully we'll have more time to chat on the cruise than in the frenetic few days at Rootstech. I'll be dragging Mr Geniaus along on the cruise as well. If you need any tips/info about what to see in and around our beautiful city of Sydney please let me know - we'd be delighted to help you.