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It’s Time to “Commit” to the Genealogy Q&A Site - Blog comment by genej - 2 Oct 2012

Hi Louis. In this case, it is a good thing when a reader writes in to suggest you update the images in your blog article. I hope you agree. --GeneJ

Behold Now Displays the Windows Compatible Logo (Finally!) - Blog comment by genej - 17 Feb 2012


RootsTech Day 0 - Blog comment by genej - 1 Feb 2012

Gotta love that badge, Louis! Great job. I'm glad you are tucking in early, I hear tomorrow is going to be a big day. We'll be watching. --GJ

Ordering Events by Date - Blog comment by genej - 6 Dec 2011

Hi Louis, At least in part, I see this as the classic "combined" (record data) vs "conclusion" (person) issue. One conducts research and gathers various records that relate to their person of interest. These records contain incomplete and sometimes inaccurate information, and so frequently, conflicting ...

Sort of a Date - Blog comment by genej - 6 Dec 2011

@Louis, In your reply, "I personally think ...," which probably answers your original question about why some users (thus vendors) find the sort date option to be a "feature." When I've seen that feature included in a program, I have not found it to be complicated. As you say, it defaults to the date ...

Sort of a Date - Blog comment by genej - 5 Dec 2011

Hi Louis, More good Kessler works! You wrote, "Regarding sorting, I don’t know why some programs have implemented a 'sort date' field." I do find sort dates helpful. You wrote, "You’ve got the date, and you want to sort by the date." Well, you don't always have a date. While I use sort dates ...

A Plethora of Extra GEDCOM Tags - Blog comment by genej - 22 Nov 2011

"If Behold can’t read your GEDCOM, it’s likely no program can." -- That is so great, Louis.--GJ

More On RootsMagic - Blog comment by genej - 22 Nov 2011

"I do know that if it will take you longer than 10 or 20 seconds to enter the information for a source reference, then that’s too long." Awww, Louis. I'd need Andy's neural implant API to enter information using that benchmark. --GJ

RootsMagic 4 Misbehaves! - Blog comment by genej - 19 Nov 2011

P.S.... So great to see the "5 days" and counting! Congrats again, Louis.

RootsMagic 4 Misbehaves! - Blog comment by genej - 19 Nov 2011

A few of the researchers on BetterGEDCOM looked at RootsMagic (RM) and the other "extended" sourcing systems, too. On export, RM offers the user several options, including whether to export "RootsMagic Specific tags." This option is discussed only briefly in the RootsMagic Help file, "Creating a GEDCOM ...