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Almost 800 Genealogy Programs. You’ve Tried How Many? - Blog comment by deckie49 - 2 May 2014

Yes, I honestly was flabbergasted at the number of different programs! I really appreciate GensoftReviews for bringing them to my attention. I have used maybe 8 or 10 different programs and I definitely have my favorites (Behold being one of them!). But, whenever I want to do study my data in a slightly ...

Benchmarks - Blog comment by deckie49 - 28 Mar 2014

Thanks for the info. I can certainly see how it could happen under those circumstances!

Benchmarks - Blog comment by deckie49 - 26 Mar 2014

Louis, What practical benefit would be gained by increasing "fan value"? To allow enough memory for more than a half million names?? I've been doing serious genealogy for 34 years and I only come up a little shy of 5000 names.

Going Paperless and Laptopless - Blog comment by deckie49 - 16 Feb 2014

I think going paperless has its advantages in certain times and places. From my perspective my home office is not one of those places. This is especially true doing genealogy. I have roughly 6 or 7 lineal feet of genealogical sources on my shelf. All in 3ring binders. A couple years ago i spend countless days ...

Countdown 15 minutes to Organization - Blog comment by deckie49 - 3 Sep 2013

hi louis, here's another link on the subject you might find useful. personally, i find a great disconnect between time management tools and reality that is in direct proportion to the size of my inbox. ...

One Week to the Unlock The Past Cruise - Blog comment by deckie49 - 8 Feb 2013

Brrrrr! Get into the sun, Louis! Thaw out those bones! Have a wonderful trip. But, do remember to come back and tackle those Life Events!

Reassessing the Behold Road Map - Blog comment by deckie49 - 18 Aug 2012

reading this blog, i envision a program much more usable than before. as far as being disappointed with a new style of data entry, that doesn't concern me. if it helps me manage my genealogical data in a more commonsense and rational way, i'll get used to it! sort of like how i had to learn to give up my slide ...