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Behold Update - Forum post by deckie49 in Questions and Answers - 10 Oct 2017

Thanks Louis! I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the Summit.

Behold Update - Forum post by deckie49 in Questions and Answers - 8 Oct 2017

Hi Louis, Could you give us an update on Behold? Thanks! Deck

What to do When Your @FamilyTreeDNA Autosomal Results Come In - Blog comment by deckie49 - 14 Jan 2017

i know very little how these dna websites work. are testing sites and databases compatable with each other? is it possible to compare and match one's dna results with all the available databases? can dna results from other testing sites (ie. or be entered into

Cast and Crutches - Blog comment by deckie49 - 1 Jan 2017

Louis, Sorry to hear about your ankle. I can literally relate. A few months ago I tore my "Inferior Extensor Retinaculum" tendon (that wraps across the instep). It has certainly put a damper on my day to day activities. From my experiences, I would highly caution you to go very slow in recovery and physical ...

60th Birthday AND Retirement! - Blog comment by deckie49 - 27 Nov 2016

Congratulations. Louis! Retirement is a wonderful place filled with happy people. Very good to see you now among them.

Everything In, Nothing Out - Not Helpful for DNA. - Blog comment by deckie49 - 29 Dec 2015


Windows 10 At Last - Blog comment by deckie49 - 23 Nov 2015

I am not at all impressed with Win 10, how it looks or how it operates. My vote would be for the classic look. It's comfortable and much easier on the eyes. Newer is not always better.

Re-evaluating Everything - Blog comment by deckie49 - 11 Aug 2015

A work in progress... In general, I like version 1.1. It shows me much more information on a person than version However, there is so much information that it feels overwhelming, and distracting. Showing spouse and date of marriage is nice, and perhaps listing birth and death events of the children. ...

Living Up To Expectations - Blog comment by deckie49 - 22 Jun 2015

Seems a little suspect that all of a sudden there are 3 "scathing" reviews in a very short time period that are almost parallel to each other. Makes one wonder... As far as the waits between versions, plans for editing, etc. there certainly is a grain of truth there. You, yourself have expressed irritations ...

At Last! Finally! All 1.1 changes appear done! - Blog comment by deckie49 - 18 May 2015

Is it just me, or is the guy at the computer (gif image on Future Plans page) sitting up taller and typing faster?? :)