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Why Completing the Programming of Something New Always Takes Longer than Planned - Blog comment by deckie49 - 19 Mar 2015

How frustrating that must be to you. I know you are probably even more anxious to get this version released as we are to receive it. Personally, one thing I have always appreciated about you is you care enough about us to keep us informed on a regular basis. Thank you. There are many software developers out ...

What's happening with FHISO? - Blog comment by deckie49 - 26 Feb 2015

That's really unfortunate. It makes me question if the current board members are even serious about the project. Or are they just feeling overwhelmed and helpless at the task and unable to lead the organization forward? What about the founding sponsors? Rootsweb, Ancestry, etc? Have they lost their passion and ...

Close. But no Cigar. - Blog comment by deckie49 - 25 Jan 2015

Louis, I hope you and your wife have a wonderful vacation! It is well deserved. The "teaser" of 1.1 looks great. I especially like the fact that sources are included! Deck

To Do- or Not To Genealogy Do-Over - Blog comment by deckie49 - 10 Jan 2015

Very well stated. uwem. And absolutely true. Speaking of the LDS data, it's not only people uploading their "50,000 name" files with little or no source documentation. Much of the transcribed work by the hard working and well meaning LDS volunteers suffer from plain old fatigue. Imagine sitting in front of a ...

Almost 800 Genealogy Programs. You’ve Tried How Many? - Blog comment by deckie49 - 2 May 2014

Yes, I honestly was flabbergasted at the number of different programs! I really appreciate GensoftReviews for bringing them to my attention. I have used maybe 8 or 10 different programs and I definitely have my favorites (Behold being one of them!). But, whenever I want to do study my data in a slightly ...

Benchmarks - Blog comment by deckie49 - 28 Mar 2014

Thanks for the info. I can certainly see how it could happen under those circumstances!

Benchmarks - Blog comment by deckie49 - 26 Mar 2014

Louis, What practical benefit would be gained by increasing "fan value"? To allow enough memory for more than a half million names?? I've been doing serious genealogy for 34 years and I only come up a little shy of 5000 names.

Going Paperless and Laptopless - Blog comment by deckie49 - 16 Feb 2014

I think going paperless has its advantages in certain times and places. From my perspective my home office is not one of those places. This is especially true doing genealogy. I have roughly 6 or 7 lineal feet of genealogical sources on my shelf. All in 3ring binders. A couple years ago i spend countless days ...

Countdown 15 minutes to Organization - Blog comment by deckie49 - 3 Sep 2013

hi louis, here's another link on the subject you might find useful. personally, i find a great disconnect between time management tools and reality that is in direct proportion to the size of my inbox. ...

One Week to the Unlock The Past Cruise - Blog comment by deckie49 - 8 Feb 2013

Brrrrr! Get into the sun, Louis! Thaw out those bones! Have a wonderful trip. But, do remember to come back and tackle those Life Events!