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Sort of a Date - Blog comment by acproctor - 12 Jan 2018

Small error here, Louis. When you talk about sorting, you suggest that BEF/FROM come before, and BET/AFT/TO. But FROM is akin to AFT (one inclusive and one not) rather than BEF. In other words, I believe you meant FROM and TO to be switched over here.

2016 and Looking Forward - Blog comment by acproctor - 18 Oct 2017

Thanks for replying Louis. There is a draft document almost ready for public comment, but not quite. As each of those documents reaches a coherent level then they'll be released for comment, and those titles will be turned into hyperlinks.

2016 and Looking Forward - Blog comment by acproctor - 13 Oct 2017

I know it's a good while since this post, Louis, but do you think it's worth another look. Admittedly, FHISO has undergone several changes -- including a major team change and the scaling down of the original organisational structure -- but they've since published a new strategy and draft standards for public ...

What RootsTech was Like for an Innovator Showdown Finalist - Blog comment by acproctor - 19 Feb 2017

Great to finally meet you Louis. We had lots still to talk about but I was called back a day early so apologies for that. I'd like to make it a "hat trick" and come in 2018, too, but they're moving the dates so it will then clash with my European skiing. Oh, decisions, decisions ... !

A New Notation for DNA Relationships?? - Blog comment by acproctor - 20 Dec 2015

I'm glad someone is looking at this Louis, but there's a part of the proposal that I don't quite understand. Imagine that a DNA test shows that two people have some genetic connection. Obviously, it doesn't imply that either one is descended from the other, but probably indicates that they have a common ...

Source-Based Thinking - Blog comment by acproctor - 13 Nov 2014

Nice post Louis! Ironically, the best way to get people to listen is to blog.

Standardizing Sources and Citation Templates - Blog comment by acproctor - 28 Aug 2014

I agree with some of your main points here Louis. In particular: 'data is not formatting' and 'templates are not part of the data'. However, my approach is significantly different in places too. I have a half-finished article I will eventually publish as part of the STEMMA documentation, but in summary: 1) ...

Don’t Wait Too Long - Blog comment by acproctor - 2 Jun 2014

Actually Louis, I'm in a similar predicament (stuck on OE), but my solution is to move away from MS email agents as they change them so frequently. My old conversations -- and notes, etc -- are too important to leave in the hands of a vendor whose only aim appears to be changing things to justify a new ...

Ordering Events by Date - Blog comment by acproctor - 8 Aug 2012

I know this thread is a little old now but ordering Events by date alone is not the only option. STEMMA supports optional constraints between Events that force a given order, even when the dates themselves are so vague or suspect that they do not imply that same ordering, e.g. forcing a baptism to be ordered ...