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Version 1.0 Released - Wed, 23 Nov 2011

Please feel free to post the following Press Release or any excerpt you want out of it.



Behold Version 1.0 Released
Genealogy Software for Windows

November 24, 2011 – Louis Kessler today released Version 1.0 of his genealogy software. Behold is a genealogy data viewing program that takes all the data and organizes it into a single “Everything Report” designed to be useful to genealogists.

The Everything Report comes complete with a Table of Contents, a Name Index, a Place Index, Sources and File Information, and is enhanced with a TreeView for easy access to any section. Behold initially “Auto Organizes” people into families, and then allows those families to be customized. The “Organize Pages” allow the user to specify exactly what to include in the Everything Report, and how to display it.

Data is read in GEDCOM format, a genealogy data transfer format that almost all genealogy programs use to export their data. Behold understands “Extended GEDCOM” which incorporates the various versions and extensions that different programs have included in their GEDCOM output. Behold reports problems with the GEDCOM and structural problems with the data and places them into a log file.

Version 1.0 of Behold is only a data viewer. But Behold was developed with the idea that the Everything Report will be the canvas on which the editing will be done. This editing directly on the report will allow much faster data entry and more efficient data editing than other genealogy programs, which require form-based data entry followed by report generation. Behold’s editing capability will be added when Version 2.0 is released.

Behold was in beta for almost two years. Louis Kessler, the author of Behold says, “I have had wonderful feedback about Behold. People have told me that I have ‘really accomplished something very impressive’ and that the software is ‘brilliant’ and a ‘genealogist’s dream come true’.”

Behold costs $40 US and that includes free updates for life. A 45-day free trial is available from the website: www.beholdgenealogy.com

About Louis Kessler
Louis Kessler lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and has over 35 years experience as both a programmer and a genealogist. He has published articles and given presentations on genealogy and is Past President of a regional Heritage Center. Louis also developed and operates the GenSoftReviews website at www.gensoftreviews.com that catalogs all genealogy software available and allows users of the software to add their own ratings and reviews. Each year, the GenSoftReviews User Choice Awards are given to the programs that users rate the best.

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1. mtibesar (mtibesar)
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Posted: Fri, 25 Nov 2011  Permalink

Congratulation Louis on the first release of your program! Based on your beta program it has been a long endeavor of yours and you persisted and saw the project thru. Based on your clear, spot-on views about the GedCom standard and the bastardization of its implementation by large companies, I will give Behold a try. Again, congrats!

Marcus Tibesar
The Tibesar Archives


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