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Version 0.99.24 beta Released - Mon, 7 Nov 2011

It took about 3 months, but the User Guide (i.e. help file) for Behold is finally completed. There are 136 topics, 1,986 local links, 285 Internet links, 665 Graphics, and the chm help file has grown to 7,761,834 bytes in size, over 3 times what it was three months ago. The Behold User Guide is also available online in its entirety.

The help file is now bigger than the Behold program which is 5,209.094 bytes in size. Together, the compressed Behold setup file that you have to download is now 9,927,592 bytes, more than double its former size of 4,625,752 bytes. That is the one bad thing about a comprehensive user guide - it makes the download file larger, meaning it takes longer to download. Even so, 10 MB is not huge and should not take too long to download, even without high-speed internet access.

In addition to the complete User Guide, a number of other improvements and fixes were made. Included among those was support for a default language translation file, which is very useful if all your data files is in a different language than English.

On Behold’s download page, I’m making available language translation files for you to use for free. These are translations generously donated by caring users of Behold. So far there are three files: Dutch, French and German. If you are a user of Behold and are fluent in a language, please consider making a translation file and donating it to the cause.

The other big news to announce is that the first full version of Behold is effectively ready to go. I’m scheduling the release of Version 1.0 on November 24th.

At that time, I’ll be raising the price of Behold from $20 to $40. So if you were thinking of purchasing Behold, do so prior to November 24th to save some money. Remember Behold has free upgrades for life.

Until then, I’ll be doing one last pass of the User Guide and the program and getting everything ready for the Version 1.0 release.

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